Thursday, March 13, 2008

Tent Oasis

The tent is an object for meeting people.
Dre Wapenaar

I love tents. When I was growing up in Michigan we would often beg for blankets and rope so we could make a tent in our back yard. Often we would stay awake through much of the summer night, watching the stars make their way as we peered through the opening at the end. We could pretend we were anyone and anything was possible. As I grew older it became my way to beat stress by taking off with it and getting away from it all either on my own or with friends/lovers.

When I saw the tent at the faire, all of these memories came back. The couple whose tent this was grinned at me when I discussed those memories...they were quick to assure me that they have made many of their own while traveling with this tent, that it was their oasis in the faires they frequently went to.

Maria Muldaur, "Midnight at the Oasis":

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Anonymous said...

What fun! Last summer I met a group of re-enactors (sp?) who played both American and British soldiers from the War of 1812. They camped in similar tents as this one. It looked like they were having the best time.

You camp alone? I'm such a chicken when it comes to camping outside alone. Even walking in the woods alone unnerves me. You go girl!

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