Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Faces Across the Ages

The countenance is the portrait of the soul, and the eyes mark its intentions.

The sun came out this morning in Brussels. I decided to return to the Grand Place to complete a project I came up with last night. I noticed that the Town Hall which was built in the early 15th century (or so I was told) had layers of carvings on its buttresses of both human and mythological faces. Looking through the lens of my camera I became fascinated that the artists represented both noble and common people of that time. The emotions conveyed in their work was as recognizable today as they were then. I felt a kinship that they were in a sense that times photographers. After 3 hours of work, I packed up to catch the Eurostar, but caught the young couple, who under the watchful eyes of the buttress faces, were sharing the romance inherent in the square and I quickly grabbed the shot. I have had my friends encourage me to self publish a book and I think I finally found a theme to carry it out.

I caught the Eurostar, arrived in London just as the sun was setting. I decided to splurge on a cab to the flat I was staying at. It was a bit pricer then I planned, but my Cockney cab driver was a delight and made it worth every cent or should I say pence. I was met at the flat at Eccleston Square by Caroline and her dog who is named for Amy Winehouse. A short tour later and I am now living in a London flat for a week. Bedroom, kitchen, living room, large bathroom and ta da WiFi. I went to Tesco and shopped as I plan to eat many of my meals here for the next week. I hope to fix dinner for Caroline before I leave. Also, I indulged in a few things that I normally wouldn't find in the US, "Scotch Eggs, anyone?"

I will probably do some museum hopping tomorrow and perhaps go to Trafalgar Square tomorrow night to see the Christmas tree unveiled and lit up.


The Temptations, "Smiling Faces":

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Anonymous said...

Oh what fun! I imagine ondon must be one of the best cities to visit during the Christmas season. Tell me, is the music in the shops the same as you would hear in shops in the States?

Yes, I think you should self publish a book. I've been thinking of doing that myself, at The website also has an online shop, should you want to sell it through them.

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