Friday, December 12, 2008

Louvre Under The Full Moon

Shouldn't a great museum foster serious seeing before all else?
Mark Stevens

It was freezing in Paris today and there was an incredible full moon tonight. I took a couple of brief walks and then decided to save my energy for a good visit at the Louvre in the evening as they offer a nice discount and 3 hours is about the max as I've indicated I can do before museum fatigue sets in. I always find an interesting mix of people in museums. Everything from serious artists sketching to some very immature aping around major exhibits as if to say shouldn't I be part of it? My goal was to shoot a series of perspective shots in the Greco-Roman section. Can anyone guess who the mythological pair in the statue above are?

Another day also of experienced kindness. The owner of the small hotel where I'm staying sat me up with a electric tea kettle and tea as I was coughing when I came in. Most small hotels in Paris don't come with coffee/tea maker we tend to expect in the US. So it was a wonderful gesture and did help keep my throat soothed.

Tomorrow is the the Patrick Demarchelier exhibit at the Petit Palais. And probably the Cluny. I had hoped to climb to the top of Notre Dame, but with the freezing weather and my cold probably not a workable possibility and then it's travel day on Sunday.

Hear the East Coast got hit with bad weather. Hope all my East Coast friends are staying warm.

Since I'm doing the Black & White mood thing and I'm in France:

Edith Piaf, "La Vie En Rose":

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