Saturday, December 6, 2008

The Theatre of the Marketplace

The Farmers' Market is the slowly turning Lazy Susan of the seasons.
Alice Waters

Today started with a trip to obtain some theatre tickets. I was able to obtain an excellent ticket to Twelfth Night with Derek Jacobi. My quest for the RSCs production of Hamlet was less successful. Apparently it's the hottest ticket in town surprisingly. I'll try again, but have back-up plans for other productions. I always gorge on theatre when I'm in London as the tickets are cheaper then in NYC.

Next was the Borough Market with the intention of obtaining ingredients to make supper tomorrow night at the flat for Caroline whom I'm renting the flat from. Found out why Londoner's can despair about the Underground. I had two lines disrupted as I got on them and was thinking I would never get to the Market when they announced another line would be making the connection. Once in Borough Market I found theatre of another sort. Vendors were shouting out for people to purchase their "veg and fruit" along with meat, fish, breads, cheeses, desserts, and just about anything else you can think of to make the consummate meal. People crowded in trying to taste, touch and discover. However I was there with another mission in mind. I love grilled cheese sandwiches and had seen a show on "The Travel Channel" in which the host called a grilled cheese vendor's sandwich "an epiphany". So I gathered ingredients and searched. Just as I had finished gathering the last of what I wanted and was about to give up, my nose caught the whiff of grilled cheese. And not just any grilled cheese. These sandwiches were made up from large wheels of cheese which had been hand made, shredded and then mixed with herbs, scallions, placed on sour dough bread and grilled on sandwich press. It was so popular they were giving out tickets. I was finally handed mine wrapped in wax paper and I took it along with a cup of hot mulled cider to a grassy square next to a church where everyone else seemed to be gathered. The crisp sun warmed me as I sat done on a bench and I took my first bite. Tanginess exploded in my mouth and I followed this with a swallow of the cider. Perfect food nirvana. So perfect in fact I moaned in delight. Two girls who were sitting beside me grinned at me. Turned out they were eating the same thing. They told me I had just been initiated into a special club when they found out it was my first sandwich. People apparently come back regularly just to have it, it is so addicting.

So I'm now getting ready to head out to St. Martin's-in-the-Fields to hear a classical candlelight concert of Christmas symphony music. A song that will be featured at the concert

Pearsall, "In Dulci Jublio":

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