Sunday, January 14, 2007


I like the quiet on a winter's day;
it has so much to say.
It brings with it new ideas that
ordinarily wouldn't come my way.
Stillness - broken only by the whistle of a
far-off train or the ticking of the clock;
Stillness is when my mind and I never
feel the need to talk.
Eyes see more; thoughts are new;
wonder plays a part;
For in the stillness I hear those things
that are deep within my heart.

-Joan Adams Burchell

California resembles the Midwest/East Coast more then it's mild self. The media is full of news on how to cope with the cold (note to people in the town where I'm at; put away the flip flops). So I decided to get and remain cozy for the day. I did do a brunch, making a dutch mama and a spiced cherry compote with grilled ham slices and Irish Breakfast Tea. Mmmm, the air now smells like vanilla and it reinforces the desire to snuggle in and be cozy. Cups of tea with Irish Cream laced with honey and a good book await

I'm going to take the advice of this poem and just chill and let some artistic ideas peculate. Back to Photoshop learning tomorrow.

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