Sunday, January 21, 2007


A friend and I discussed what were some of our best childhood memories. I ended up revisiting my childhood library. My parents both being readers had started us reading early and one of the first things they did when we moved to the small town when I was nine, was to get a library card for me. It was an old converted house and I spent hours living in the dusty stacks of books and snuggled into cozy chairs. I was shy, but was always drawing or writing something and it was the perfect refuge for my imagination. One of my favorite sections contained Andrew Lang's Fairy Books. It was the perfect match up for also my love of being outdoors. Imagine my delight when my friend helped me find a online site that contained all the texts of his Fairy Books. I can see many comfortable nights in the next month or two revisiting old friends. Come to think of it I can probably thank him for my love of Jungian Psychology.

Tonight's picture somehow reminded me of that. When haven't one of us looked into the mirror with the far away look this woman has and remembered something from our younger years. I caught her in Alameda.

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