Friday, January 26, 2007

The Old & The New

It's been quite the week. I found out that I am reportedly allergic to wheat, chocolate (how can a woman be allergic to chocolate, I thought it was programmed into our genes) and beef. Not to mention several variety of trees. Now I'm not totally convinced of this, but as I'm willing to explore any options that will stop me from experiencing some of the severe symptoms I've been having the last few months. So I'm trying a 6 week removal of these foods to see what happens. This is going to be tough, I love food and have always enjoyed a wide variety. This week I've been combing the Internet, blogs, research articles to try and bring all of it together. While I embrace a fairly healthy lifestyle, I've always been somewhat down to earth about it. I've never wanted to be an obsessive health nut (no offense to anyone). So I've cleaned cupboards, bought a few products and will be going to Whole Foods to gather some more. If I can stay a happy gourmet with taking out these foods and finding new ones then fine, if not....let's just say negotiations will commence.

On the brighter side, I was finally able to start working with some film that I had shot, but hadn't been able to develop. I know have found a lab that can do it reasonably and quickly. This photo was shot when I was in Michigan visiting my family over the past summer. I went down a dirt back road and found this old bridge, with the new growth. Loved the contrast and thought it fit tonight's thoughts of letting go of the old and learning the new.

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