Sunday, January 7, 2007

Home and Homework

Today has been staying home and catching up on the housework and learning Photoshop CS2 which I just installed. I decided to move more away from film and into digital as the college rarely has the darkroom open on the weekends or classes are using it in the evening and with my work hours I was only getting a few hours a week in when it was open to anyone interested. Plus I've never fit well into the structured classroom so I'm doing workshops and independent study to continue to advance. Of course I had some help today with my "homework"...Bella loves to grab my clothes from the laundry and play with them. For some reason she loves this cap, so when I caught her with it again I couldn't resist the opportunity to set up a photo session. She was a good model for all of 2 seconds. Luckily I was able to get this.

I'm off tomorrow and going to Ano Nuveo State Reserve to take a guided walk and photograph the elephant seals and sea lions as this is their breeding season. It's close to impossible to get tickets on the weekend, but as I have tomorrow off and it's supposed to be a beautiful day...perfect.

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