Wednesday, August 8, 2007


I went to Arizona to help with finding a house for my sister, brother-in-law and mother, but my other sister insisted we take a day to see some sights. She is hoping that I will consider moving there. One of the places we went to briefly was Arcosanti an ecology meets architecture project 65 miles north of Phoenix. I was enthralled enough that I will be staying there to do some photography and more exploration when I return to Arizona in September.

It was wonderful to see my family, but it also leaves me in a dilemna, Arizona or New Jersey? Part of me loves that I would be so close to NYC and Philly and that my closest friends are there. The other part of me realizes that my mother is aging and has not been in the most robust health and being in Arizona would allow me regular access to her. It was originally a reason for the move back to the East Coast because I would be able to visit Michigan easier. I am seeing there are wonderful opportunities for photography in Arizona, but I'm not sure they're the opportunities for me...

This will continue to be a process of the next few months, I'll just be holding on tight and remembering to say, "Yes!"

ELO, "Hold On Tight":

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