Saturday, August 18, 2007

Just Thinking

I've been thinking about what's next, what must I do to make the changes to bring me to the next phase of the life I want. I found this exercise and I'm going to commit to trying it for a week:

"In Ask and It is Given there is this great exercise.
You take a piece of paper
On one side of the paper you write
My to do list:
and write down everything you will do that day.
Not a crazy long list. Just what you will really do.
On the other side of the list you write
What the Universe will do:
and you write down all the stuff you want the universe to take care of for you."

This jibes with some of my world view so I'm going to try it. I'll report on my progress towards the end of next week. This photo was a capture of a chef outside her restaurant, she seemed to be just thinking and enjoying this moment in her world.

Queen remains one of my favorite groups, so a bit more from them, "The Show Must Go On":

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