Thursday, August 9, 2007

More Inspiration

Looking for inspiration, I continue to peruse other's blogs. There are several listed in my links as I find I revisit them regularly. Like my photos and interests these blogs are broad in their scope and ideas. One I have been regularly visiting is Elena Ray's "The Transitional Image". Her photography and mixed media work is phenomenal. I love that she shares how she arrives at the process, her inspirations and struggles. This helps me open even more doors on my journey.

Today is a day to work on photos and art. I had my first printer, a HP 8750 arrive. I was able to obtain it very reasonably. It's a great starting out printer, especially with black and white photos. I printed several of my nephew's senior pictures and was pleased with the results. I still have much to learn about printing, but it's wonderful to have a full working digital photo darkroom so to speak.

Last night I navigated through the land of blogging and revamped this site finally. Now I'm off to the farmer's market shortly to refill the refrig which lies empty after my being gone. I'll be taking some photos and reveling in the sights, smells and tastes.

The Sweet Inspiration, "Sweet Inspiration":

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