Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Brachytherapy Day One Or I'm Radioactive

I started radiation today. When I arrived at 7:45 am I did speak about the occurrences yesterday. They performed an 180 turn around and I felt much more comfortable with the staff treating me. As I explained I needed to feel they were treating me not a disease process.

So what happens? I changed into a gown and they took me into the Cat Scan room. My gown was opened, the surgical bra opened and all of the gauze/band-aids were removed. I had leaked a good deal of fluid and it had gone through the bra. They ran a scan and had to take even more  fluid out of the balloon area. They then ran another scan. I was then moved to a gurney, they covered me with a sheet and the brought out 5 leads about six feet in length. They connected the five long leads to the five leads coming out of my catheter. The next step was to move me into the treatment room. They moved the gurney next to a machine that looked like a thick upside down L. It had a round end that looked like a meat grinder. The leads were plugged into this and they turned on some music, moved out of the room and then I was treated for about 10 minutes. I could feel the leads of the catheter pulse. I used a visualization during the treatment and it helped me relax.

They then took me out to another treatment room, I was bandaged and given a second bra. The procedure was repeated again in the afternoon. The staff were good about interaction. I didn't talk when they were doing connections etc. But to just talk briefly when they were moving me etc established connection and made it feel as if we were working as a healthcare team.

When I got home there was a message all my paperwork for leave was completed. So I feel much more at ease today with being in active treatment. That is I'm working effectively with all my providers to accomplish treatment and healing.

I've been a bit nauseated. Back to ginger ale and crackers. I'm also tired, ended up with an hour and a half nap. Staying active though. Will take a walk a little later.

I'm grateful today for the people who are making up my healthcare team, that they were willing to hear my concerns and are reaching out to respond to them.

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