Monday, August 20, 2012

Saying Farewell or In Memorandum

Verna passed away late this morning. I was out shopping for some food when my phone rang. It was her daughter and she asked if I would come. Luckily I was close by so I was able to get to the condo fairly quickly. She had passed just after the chaplain had come. Her son and daughter were with her and it was quiet.

The hospice nurse came and pronounced her. The funeral home was called and it was agreed they would come about 4 hours later so all of her family could come by and say good-bye one last time. What followed was not macabre at all, but beautiful and full of peace. Her ex-daughter-in-law and I dressed her in a favorite outfit. Things she loved were placed around her. Her grandchildren and great-granddaughter who is about to be a year old came. The sun shone through a window and down around her and those who sat with her. We talked about her life. For her twenty something grandchildren it was a revelation. They asked me why cannot it be this way for everyone,i,e it made death less frightening and more a natural part of life....good question. 

Later the funeral home arrived. The attendant, her son-in-law and I prepared her for her final journey and one last good-bye was said. Her family is grieving, but they are at peace. For me I hope I placed a few karma points that when my time comes, I have as beautiful as a departure.

Verna was a pistol and loved Frank Sinatra. We had turned on the radio shortly after I arrived and the first song that was sung was "Pennies from Heaven". Everyone laughed and agreed, we were being sent a love message from Verna she was where she should be and all was okay....

So tonight my gratitude is for having known Verna and for being allowed the grace of being there for her family as much again as I have mentioned that they have been there for me.

Happy Voyages Verna.

Frank Sinatra, "Pennies From Heaven":

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