Wednesday, August 22, 2012

The Venus and Mars of Diet

Steak, ice cream, brownies...farewell as I knew you. My new reality is juicing, multiple servings of grains, lots o'veggies, xylitol/stevia and so on.

It is helping, it really is. I'm using a juicer and a Nutribullet to get intense doses of veggies with a dash of fruit into me. My energy is up, my weight down. It really has been a challenge though. I was raised a mid-western kid, so carbs, meat and sugar were a way of life. My Mars so to speak. Now I have to learn to be Venus. I'm getting there. My book inspirations have been besides Dr. Dean Ornish's work, which I've mentioned in past posts are "Anti-Cancer: A New Way" by David Servan-Schreiber, MD, PhD and "Crazy, Sexy, Diet" by Kristin Carr. And if you need a visual watch Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead. Some people might feel these are fads or extremes, but they are all by people who have been there done that.

I still plan to do the occasional meat and cheese, but now I'm making sure they are organic and not hormone produced. I'm also learning to cook the once in awhile dessert with xylitol/stevia and whole grain or whole wheat pastry flour.

Today I'm grateful for the pioneering people who are helping connect nutrition as a way to improve health and conquer disease. They may still be lone voices calling in the medical wilderness, but eventually I think they will be heard.

Paul McCartney "Venus and Mars":

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