Tuesday, August 28, 2012

While In The Fog

 Great achievements are accomplished in a blessed, warm fog.
Joseph Conrad

Today I was in a used book store and saw several books on breast cancer. Most of them dealt with decision making and procedures. I realized that I am far past that, the blues have lifted and I'm moving on. So tonight I made the decision to return the focus of the blog to what it was originally intended for. While breast cancer will remain a reality, it is not the main lyric of my day, it's becoming a faint melody. I'm still working on life improvement, but this is a process we all do as we change and have things occur. Much has happened in the last few months and much more is to come. I'll be continuing down life's highway and taking in the sights.

Tonight I am grateful for love, for someone who has opened their being and mine. Their time with me on this journey is a gift however long it will may last.

The Fog, "Highway Buddha Blues":

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