Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Lovely Locks Phase 1

My hair was cut tonight as my stylist is leaving for Belize in the morning. When she gets back in two weeks, she will come by to my condo to shave my head at the point that I'm significantly losing my hair. I took a friend and we had sparkling apple-pomegranate cider and did girl talk. It helped me get through it and made it  bearable. We then went out to dinner. Due to my need for privacy because of the sensitive nature of my job, I'm not posting pictures of myself, but will share the elements surrounding the events as I can.

Tomorrow I go get my first wig...So my hair adventures are beginning...

my locks have been chopped,
they are standing by now for
their chemo dye treatment

Today I'm grateful for everyone who was along for the first hair adventure. It will make phase 2 a bit easier to know they will be there then too.

Hair, "Hair (from the Musical)":

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