Friday, July 27, 2012

All Shall Be Well

Back and still absorbing many lessons. I will share some photos and a descriptor with more to come tomorrow:

The individual hermitage I stayed at, Doxa in the twilight. That's not sky, it's the ocean on a very misty day.

One of the views from Doxa, late in the evening of the day I arrived.

This little guy greeted me when I arrived and came over whenever I sat on the balcony. By the last day he came to within a hand span of me.

I had to walk up a hill to get my meals. This is the carrier they provided to pick them up.

I caught the this quail just as I was finishing my walk last night as twilight deepened into evening. It was my last photo taken of the night.

Moody Blues, "All Shall Be Well (Julian of Norwich)":

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