Sunday, July 15, 2012

Passion of the Gypsy Soul

Today was a day to share a passion for art. A friend who is a painter and I spent a part of the day just talking and planning some art pieces. We share a gypsy soul. She though has lived more of the gypsy life, traveling and painting at different places around the world. I'm trying to take some lessons from her as I am tied more to the 9-5 life and am feeling like dry desert. Before all of this began two months ago I was laying groundwork to move towards a more gypsy life style. I don't where the next months will lead, but the seeds remain in the fertile ground of my mind.

She's going to be creating a piece of art to help inspire me to live my passions every day that I have. So today I am grateful for the dance of life and light and for the inspiration to follow my passions.

Fleetwood Mac "Gypsy":

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