Saturday, July 7, 2012


I'm done with radiation and seeing my surgeon for the time being. Next step will be the oncologist in the next 1 or 2 weeks to discuss next steps. Still running very fatigued and my brain is mushy. Apparently there is some evidence for radiation brain also. It's not major, but still...It's a weird sensation where my breast is healing. It almost feels like it is "sticking" together as if there was tape between the tissues. Still having burning also in the lymph node areas, but better then it was 2 weeks ago.

On the sad front. I called my dad and step-mother to check in and found out that my step-brother Mark died of a heart attack. We were not close, really not in each other's lives. However, my step-mother was exceptionally close to him. She has been available to me a good deal the last few weeks and I wish I could be there for her right now. She may come out to California to spend some time with me.

My gratitude is to the residents of my condo complex who check in on me and who have helped with the little things. They have made my life easier to live these days.

So that's about it. Sleep, watch TV, walk, do some exercises, and eat is the tenor of the last couple of days. Doc said it's not unusual and will get better in the next few weeks. 

Heart, "Ring Them Bells":

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