Saturday, July 14, 2012

Being Corny with My Heart

Anyone who has studied chakras from Eastern traditions will tell you that the heart chakra is traditionally affiliated with the breast when illness happens....

Today was an exercise in feeling better and working to open my heart to continued healing. The day started with making a new friend and going with them to the Farmer's Market. We have much in common and had a great time. Such a great time that we ended up making a meal together from ingredients we bought from the market. My contribution was the corn and bread. There is nothing like fresh organic corn which has been grilled with avocado oil and garden picked garlic chives.

In the in between times I spent some time with other loved ones. I spoke with  my favorite paternal uncle and caught up. I made sure I shared my appreciation of his place in my life and all he has given me as well as my love. Also spoke with some other friends and had deeper discussions then before. I'm finding that the more I open myself the more others open to me for the most part.

The most part is a reference to an ending that came today. It was a sadness for me, but again if one  of the parties heart is blocked, then the relationship will wither and die. As a friend once told me, "if you is and they isn't, don't think you can bring them to your is".

One more piece of corn. I grew up with honky tonk country. When I was young it was the soundtrack of my life as my dad and uncles played around in bands and my grandparents listened it. For the most part I've only sampled it occasionally as my music tastes changed and grew more diverse as I got older. Last night flipping through some satellite music channels I found a honky tonk music channel. Decided to listen and was transported back to my childhood. I've been listening today and it's been guess where tonight's music contribution is coming from (it was one of my Mom's favorite singers).

Tonight I'm grateful to my family members who taught me to love music and because of that love I became a musician.

Ray Price, "Under Your Spell Again":

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