Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Retro Rad

Well apparently getting in-depth doc revisits is as likely as flamingos in a bike basket. I went in today for a follow-up with the radiologist oncologist. Put on the glamour robe and he looked at the scars. Asked me if I had any drainage. I replied no. He leaned over to write on some paper and I turned to speak to Mary the nurse. Then when I turned to talk to him again he stated I was fine and he would see me in 3 months and that was it. No chance to really talk. I should have insisted, but as I will see my primary on Monday and as he is well versed, I will talk to him. But I was stunned. Literally he was with me 3 can he know how I really am? In the end it is as a friend said, some doctors today are not healers they are body technicians. You would think I'd be used to this by now, but still...

Went to my dentist to get some work done as I cannot do it if chemo comes along. He was incredible. He is a caring, gentle man as is his wife. He recently spend a Saturday doing no cost dental work for the community for 12 hours. I told him it's too bad he's not a doctor. He laughed and said that's his brother's job.

Oncologist tomorrow. It's hard to believe that summer is half way gone. Not the way I thought I would be spending it. To quote a retro group Banarama, it's a bit of a cruel summer.

So today my gratitude is to Dr. W for his care and his giving to the community. We need more caring hearts like him in the world.

Banarama, "Cruel Summer":

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