Sunday, July 29, 2012

Where My Heart Is-The Ocean

Since things may change rapidly again in the next 1-2 weeks pending the outcome of tomorrow's doc visit, I decided to tick off one of my life list items. I've never taken my dog Bella to the ocean. So I found that Half Moon Bay had a couple of dog friendly beaches and away we went. I invited a friend, Tami to come with her dog, Kindle. We had a ball. Going early before the crowds arrive(summer don't you know) is the only way to experience it, otherwise it's like being in Grand Central Station at rush hour.

Bella was quite brave and a bold explorer till she got doused by a wave and that was enough for her. Springer's may be water dogs, but she's never quite caught onto that part of her heritage. She decided to take a drink from a tide pool before I could stop her and she had another surprise. When I got her back to the Jeep she drank a large bowl of water.

My friend and I agree there is nothing more wonderful then the smell of salty brine and eucalyptus. If they could bottle it, I think it would be a best seller. Not to mention the freshness of the wind blowing against you and sounds of the waves. Whenever I encounter it, I relax and my whole outlook brightens. But it's a tough choice. The other part of my heart is in the mountains. I think that's why it's so wonderful where I live I'm about equal distance to both and can visit them to renew my being. And there in lies my gratitude today, for the geographical beauty of Northern California and it's availability when I need it.

Claude Debussy, "La Mer 3: Dialogues of the Wind and the Sea":

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